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Christina (Tina)


Tina is 32 years old and a "local" to the Myrtle Beach area. Born in New Jersey, originally, she moved down to South Carolina as a child. For her entire adult life, she has always been motivated to far surpass her goals and has built this business in doing so. She has some of the highest-stacked credentialing and disciplines in the training arena and has made it an amazing honor to pass those skills onto her students.


  • Firearms (of course)

  • Fishing- River or Ocean

  • Camping

  • Hanging out by a nice fire

  • Hanging out with her two daughters, Madelynn & Emily

  • Walking the beach with her husband, Brandon

Energetic and driven. With over 14 years of experience dealing with firearms training, Tina has prided herself in the field. Through hard work and much resistance along the way, she has achieved multiple certifications in instruction, handling, marksmanship, self-defense, and a wide range of other skills. She is able to train to full potential in order to help you set, tackle, and be proud of the goals that you want for your own training. From beginner to expert classes, her programs are catered specifically to each student, as there is no "one size fits all" class. 


  • SLED-Certified Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor

  • NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor

  • NRA-Certified Rifle & Shotgun Instructor

  • NRA-Certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor (the ONLY instructor in the area)

  • NRA-Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructor

  • NRA-Certified "Eddie Eagle" Coach

  • Chief Range Safety Officer

  • Range-Development

Having held so many credentials, to add to the list of awesome:

2-Year NRA Distinguished Expert shooter - Pistol

2-Year NRA Distinguished Expert shooter  - Rifle

Shooting Targets

Center Mass Training started as "pipe-dream" in 2014, as an avenue for customers to gain basic skills with their firearm handling. Since then, it has grown to be a leader in Self-Preservation, Crime-Prevention, Marksmanship, and coursework for any interest. With extensively stacked credentialing that you will not find anywhere else in this area, Tina started this business with a clear determination to ensure that NOBODY would be apprehensive when going about their lives, or in fear of becoming a victim. After having her own run-ins with less than desirable people and being a victim of crime and Domestic Violence, she has prided herself in offering classes and a wide variety of training, with a level of teaching that far-surpasses the norm. The testimonials speak for themselves. Whether you want to carry a firearm and take the SLED course to do so, enhance the skills you have, build the skills you wish you had, or want to just become more aware and prepared; there is a class for you. Every student receives constant support and encouragement, no matter how much time they need. She is devoted to giving top-notch classes, coupled with real-life experience and an engaging dynamic so that students are well-versed when they leave. You can rest assured that if you set a goal, Tina will motivate, embolden, and empower you to tackle it and achieve it. The main focus is to be proud of the goals you set for yourself when it comes to your training, and Center Mass Training is here to guide you through to the end and beyond!

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