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Why choose Center Mass Training for your CWP needs? We are set apart from everyone else in the area. Here are the reasons why:


The Concealed Weapons Permit course takes place on EVERY Saturday and many weekdays. There is an event calendar outlining all dates available, as well as a convenient registration form. For those who work retail-style schedules, service-industry, and varying days or hours, Center Mass Training will most likely have a class for you!


MILITARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRST RESPONDER DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE! RETIREES, PRIOR SERVICE, AND VETERANS ARE INCLUDED! We love our troops, police/fire/EMT personnel, and we also offer group discounts for parties of 5 or more!  The ONLY training company in the area that offers all of these discounts!


Center Mass Training will set a date SPECIFICALLY for ONE person or an entire group! If you need split-night classes, split-day classes, or just need different hours to suit you, let us know! If a day is not listed on the event calendar, PLEASE submit a "Get In Touch" form, or call us! We are the ONLY training company in the area that will cater to the needs of ALL of our customers. 

Purpose of Course-

This class is designed to qualify you for a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit.  This permit gives you the ability to carry a handgun concealed. Also known as a "Carry Permit", for many who hail from the Northeast. During the course, the range of legal aspects, liabilities, and risks of carrying and using a handgun will be covered. Tina will go over the laws governing the use of lethal force, as well as safety, techniques, ammunition choices and ways to carry. The Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, and self-defense laws will be covered in great detail, with real-life experiences and real situations discussed. The course Tina has designed is streamlined, easy to understand, and highly recommended by MANY people.

Age Requirements-

21 Years of age. Persons 18-21 can take the course, but cannot submit their application until they are 21, or on their 21st birthday.


Approximately 6 hours or less, depending on class size. Usually, the class runs from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm, and that factors in the 1-hour lunch break.

Equipment Needed-

A handgun, with at least 50 rounds of ammunition, eye, and ear protection (if you do not have these you may use the instructor-provided equipment), valid SC Drivers License with current address on the front, pen and paper to write notes and fill forms (the instructor has those items if needed), appropriate tax forms if you own property but are not a full-time resident, and DD214 military discharge form if claiming Veteran exemption from certain parts of the course. 

***If you are disabled vet status (1-100%) your $50 processing fee to the state is waived!

Activities Involved-

A state-mandated program, that covers basic gun safety and handling, SC laws pertaining to carrying a firearm and legal use of force, storage, and much more. There is also a 50 question written test and a firing range exercise, that is mandatory for basic marksmanship. The firing range exercise is 50 rounds. Prior/Current/Retired Military & Law Enforcement do not have to do the firing range qualification, but it is recommended by your instructor.

Cost- $75 (Note: this does not include the $50 state fee)

Group rates available for groups 5 or more!


Class locations vary. Each reservation sent will have the details within. Most of the time, they are held at Tina's house, so everyone can relax on a couch in a stress-free environment, rather than a classroom setting. We all remember those plastic chairs in school. That's a no from us.

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