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  • "I took Tina's concealed weapons permit class today and it was absolutely amazing. She goes over in great detail all of the rules, shares her tactics/knowledge, tips, and her personal life experiences that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. I have been waiting 5 years to take my CWP class and I'm glad I signed up with Tina. It was worth the wait. Tina just might be the Biggest Baddest Badass on the Planet. The class is fun, informative, and very engaging. Tina leaves no stone unturned and you will leave feeling empowered knowing she covers absolutely everything. DO NOT go anywhere else for your CWP. Tina is a Rock Star and knows her Sh-T, Period. Stop procrastinating like I did and sign up for her CWP class right now before these Gun laws change forever. You won't be disappointed!!!"

  • "Had an amazing experience thanks to Center Mass Training. Tina is a great instructor, the class was professional and fun. All while providing much-needed information and tips. Would recommend to ALL. She is always available and will work with inexperienced shooters."

  • "Awesome instructor. I had a great time and learned a lot. She is very knowledgeable."

  • "She's extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about firearms which makes the course so much more enjoyable. She makes you a priority even in a full class of people. I would definitely recommend her."

  • "Very thankful we chose Tina’s class for CWP. She kept it interesting and didn’t mind when we asked questions. Very informative."

  • "Tina's an exceptionally knowledgeable and enthusiastic businesswoman, who is in business for the right reasons."

  • "Tina is an absolute joy to work with. She is VERY knowledgeable and courteous. It was truly an honor to learn from her. She teaches multiple courses. Several of which I will be taking in the future. Thanks again, Tina."

  • "Awesome instructor! Tina is top-notch! Plan on taking some more classes in the near future, Thank you Tina!!! 5 stars from me."